In many startups or app development, project management is done in a adhoc manner mainly through Excel sheets. As the project grows it becomes increasingly difficult to manage your project through these rudimentary means. In large and established organizations complex project management tools are used which provides all the features to manage the project, but managing the project itself becomes another project and as time passes the information in these tools become stale and are just dated files on your computer. There are also hardly any tools in the market, which have integrated Issue Tracking, Collaboration and App Budget plus revenue Management through the same interface.

AppHawk was designed with the intention of making Project Managed very easy. It is developed by developers for developers. It has got a intuitive UI which provides simple User Experience, yet complex features. All the features are integrated and one get a summary of the Project on almost every section. It has been especially designed for Cloud based App Projects where the recurring Budget and revenue earnings with commissions can me managed. It is also useful for Non-Cloud App Projects. Collaboration is one of the key tenets on which the Tool has been designed.

AppHawk has been developed by ShepHertz as part of their Flagship product App42 Cloud Platform. Other products from ShepHertz are :

app42-cloud api
The App42 Cloud API's consists of a REST based service which has a JSON and XML interface. There are around 16+ modules with over 300+ API's which will help developers to develop their applications; irrespective of the type or domain of the App they are developing. Technical as well as business services are provided by App42 Cloud API. These APIs are platform agnostic and support Windows 7, J2ME, iOS, Android or HTML5 with all popular languages like Java, Groovy, PHP, Ruby, or C# which will enable easy integration of the API's into the App code.

AppWarp is a device agnostic Cloud based Massive Multiplayer Gaming and Virtual World Platform. Cloud based Massive Multiplayer Gaming and Virtual World Platform. Client side SDKs are available for all the popular platforms. This allows you to build applications that can run on any device and users on different platforms can interact with each other through your application. We provide SDKs for Android, iOS and Windows phone devices. AppWarp provides powerful client-side constructs for the application's users to interact in virtual rooms and lobbies.

Using AppClay anybody who does not have any knowledge about Mobile App Development can create engaging and connected HTML5 and Android Native Apps. From idea to go live it wont take just few clicks and minutes. AppClay's intuitive wizard gives and easy interface to create HTML5 and Android Mobile APPs on the fly.