Q: What is AppHawk?

AppHawk is a Project Management and Collaboration Tool.The main intention was to have a Project Management and Collaboration tool which doesn’t make managing Project Management another Project. We also wanted to create a tool which focused for catering to Cloud, Mobile, Social and SaaS Projects, But still be able to help manage legacy products. Special focus has been put on the UI so that project managed tasks can be carried out with minimum complexity.

Q: Why AppHawk?

AppHawk provides users a buffet of tools with which users can easily solve the problem of handling projects. Hawk-Eye: AppHawks Dashboard gives you a third thousand birds eye view of the Project. To-do List: Create unlimited ToDo Lists and ToDo Tasks. Cloud Assets & Revenue Management: Manage your recurring budget for cloud, assets and appstore. User Management: Invite and Manage your Project members. Document Management: Upload and Manage your Project related Documents. Task: Assign and Manage Tasks. Risk Management: Manage your Project risks and Mitigation Plan. Issue Management: Manage your Defects or Issues. Media: Use media(audio/video/image) to create Requirements. Blog: Maintain a project specific blog. Messaging: Send Messages to other users.

Q: How to manage resources(cloud/asset/appStore)?

AppHawk also provides means to calculate and maintain AppStore commissions and the total money earned recurring on a month on month basis. Manage your recurring budget for assets and the revenue which your app will make through AppStores. AppHawk manages all your assets cloud and in premise assets on month on month recurring basis. Have complete control over the expenses which are incurred especially on the cloud. Get a complete summary of your cloud and on premise asset/resources expenditure and AppStore revenue using Cloud Assets & Revenue Management.

Q: How to solve the problem of writing huge requirements in a Project?

Dont worry about creating requirements, AppHawk has taken care of it. Instead of writing requirements, AppHawk provides you media support. You just have to record your meeting(audio/video) or take a snap of your requirements and upload it on AppHawk and your requirement is created.

Q: How to track repeatedly changed requirements?

Repeatedly change in requirements is a part of Project management process and it is a difficult task to keep track of what is changed. Here, AppHawk comes in action takes all your pain and provides you with the History functionality. Whenever any requirement is changed, AppHawk maintains its history plus provides information about, what is changed ? and who has changed it ?

Q: Can i use AppHawk on mobile?

AppHawk currently supports HTML5 on mobile and later will support Android too.That means, now one is able to view and manage their projects on the fly.

Q: Who is behind AppHawk?

AppHawk runs on App42 platform which is a flagship product of Shephertz Technologies. We are a App platform agnostic cloud computing platform (PaaS) service provider. Our vision is to make App developers successful. All our products focus on making App developer’s life easy and augment his business, irrespective of the platform in which the Apps are devloped i.e. Mobile, Web, TV apps. Assist them in developing applications from a very simple to complex App in as short time as possible and in a reliable and robust manner.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of users I can invite?

No there is absolutely no limit on the number of users you can invite to your project. You can also customized the authentication level of the users you have invited.

Q: How can I invite another user in my project? What kind of roles can be assigner?

To invite a user. Enter your project and select the tab of Users. In Users you will find an option to add the user. To add the user you have to enter the Name, Email and Role of the user. You can also give the permission to the user on different modules of AppHawk.

Q: What type of messaging technique is used in AppHawk?

You can use the "Messages" tab inside the project to send the messages to various users in the project. Message can be private and public. Public message can be viewed to anybody who has been added in the project but private methods can only be used for intended users. Pink color defines private message and green color denotes the public message.

Q: What are increments and why should one use it?

Increments define the various levels in the project in which a significant release is made. It is most suitable of Agile technologies as it is beneficial for development community to come up with small internal releases before delivering a mega rekease.

Q: How many projects I can add with AppHawk account? Is there any limit on amount of space I can use?

Currenly the limit of accounts you can add in the AppHawk Cloud Project Management and Collanboration tool is 3. Disk Space is very expensive so we have limited the diskspace per account to 500 MB.

Q: What is to-do list?

This is an online notice board where you can add the unfinished tasks in the project. This list can be viewed by all the members in the same project. Multiple lists can be added for one user.

Q: What is the significance of the blogs in AppHawk?

The purpose of the blog is to share the information among various members of the project. It can be used to share any technical or management decisions among the members of the project.

Q: When can we use the doc?

Doc is the collaboration tool to share the important documentation among the project members. Any document can be uploaded and can be shared with others.