Estimate each requirement and track the changes. Complete history of changes done the estimations can be tracked. Gives complete summary of effort and cost of the project. Get detailed summary of estimations project and increment wise.

Hawk eye

HawkEye gives you complete summary of the project through intuitive graphs and Summary table. No. Of increments, No. of requirements per increment, estimation, ToDos, Messages, Disk Space used etc.

Revenue Management

AppHawk also provides means to calculate and maintain AppStore commissions and the total money earned recurring on a month on month basis. Get a complete summary of your cloud and on premise asset/resources expenditure and AppStore revenue using Cloud Assets & Revenue Management.

Risk management

Manage your Project risks and the corresponding Mitigation Plan. Assign the Impact and Probability of the Risk. Get a detailed summary of the Project Risks


Tasks are not connected with Requirements and Estimations. Get a complete summary of Tasks with its completion percentages and assignment details.

To do list

Create unlimited ToDo Lists and ToDo Tasks. Manage your ToDo Lists using intuitive UI. Tasks in a the ToDo list can be assigned to a User with an End Date. Manage the status of the Tasks. Get a complete summary of pending and completed Tasks

User management

Invite and Manage your Project members. You can invite other Users to your project, assign roles and give view and edit writes to the users. An email is sent to the user whom you will invite. A user can be a project owner or a member. A user can be a member of one project but a Project owner in another project. Get a complete summary of the project members.